Dead wood in the park

So….the smell of autumn was in the air on Sunday and Jerry and I trudged the reluctant girls through Richmond Park in search of a bit of ‘fake’ countryside.  For some of us, it was the third visit of the week – the spaniels as I like to call them (Primrose and Poppy) needed to let off a bit of steam earlier in the week before I did!  Bumping into lots of dog owners on our way to ‘Fairy wood’ also gave me the opportunity to see if my drip drip indoctrination of Primrose asking Daddy for a dog was working.  Answer = most definitely.  “I really want us to get a dog.  Daddy, wouldn’t you really like a dog?” featured at least 6 times on our Sunday walk.  Good work Primrose!  Next brainwash tutorial: chickens.

Anyway, we noticed that there seemed to be a lot of dead wood about at this time of year in the park.  I wondered if we could just pinch it for kindling to use on the woodburner.  Jerry was not convinced that stealing the wood was allowed.  Anyone know the answer?  Research on this has not given way to any fruit unfortunately.  If this article is anything to go by (yes I know, the DAILY MAIL but one has to love the middle class drama of this), then taking wood from the park is off the to-do list.

Fancy INSECTS being more important than children building dens?!  I suppose a woman stealing wood with 2 children and a buggy might just be a bit more conspicuous than small children building dens.  Not sure that I could bear the shame of being accosted by men in high-vis jackets – yellow has never been my colour.

So…the question remains: Can you take dead wood from a park or woodland without permission?  Answers on a postcard please.

Let me know what you think