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Surprise Surprise!

I had such a ‘whoooah there, hang on’ moment this week that I half expected Cilla Black to pop out from behind the curtains in a leopard print number singing ‘Surprise Surprise’, falsies and all, dear Reader!  Monty, our new pup, certainly did not appreciate the sound barrier breaking shriek that accompanied my surprise and sadly,  gin o’clock was too far away to contemplate immediate celebration….although it was rather tempting.

Enough said...!

Mmmm…if only!

Turns out that Margot, ‘little old (soon to be even older) me’ has been nominated in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging awards – a complete surprise that I made the list at all (must thank my dear Mamma for casting all the votes) and I am honoured to be considered amongst some really witty, endearing, inspiring and truly well-written blogs.  Just being nominated for the ‘Fresh Voice’ and ‘Lifestyle’ categories alongside such good quality writers is humbling – do have a look and read as many nominees as you can Britmum BiBs nominees. I have some real favourites on the list!

When I began writing Margot Tries the Good Life in October last year, I never thought people (other than Jerry and my Ma) would actually read it, let alone follow it and write lovely post comments and tweets about my capers.  I have never really been one for blowing my own trumpet (where writing is concerned at least) but as a fellow nominee said to me…..BACK YOUR BLOG!  So, dear Reader, if you are so inclined and you really enjoy Margot, then please do cast a precious vote for me http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B82J3SN  The deadline for votes is 12th May.  Do like Margot on Facebook here or tweet me @Margotgoodlife too!

There, enough said.