New man in my life

A little country something for my new man

Country puppy essentials

Dear Reader, I think that it would be fair to say that I have not slept a wink in the last week.  I have been simply TOO excited about the house and our move.  Getting back to normal every day life has proven quite tricky after the whole house buying Easter weekend and Jerry and I keep pinching ourselves about the whole thing.  As if moving to the countryside wasn’t enough to get our heads around, my new man arrives on the 20th!  Don’t worry dear Reader, I have not traded Jerry in…. I am referring to our little pup.  A rather handsome young chap in the shape of a working cocker spaniel.  Meeting him for the first time on Good Friday was absolutely wonderful and it was love at first sight for all of us.  Poppy was utterly smitten with all the pups in the litter and even lay down with them on their bed.  Very sweet indeed!

Wanting to be completely prepared, the girls and I have been very busy buying puppy essentials: honking pheasant toy, clicker, whistle, pheasant print bed, puppy food and so on.  Hilariously, one can even purchase a baby carrier type affair for pooches and a DOGGY PRAM no less!  I promise, I resisted those!  I did discover, however, all manner of wonders at Muddy Paws and a new favourite for all things hound and country at Dog and Dobbin.  I think that I am likely to get completely carried away with the puppy accessories before long, both for dog and home.  Don’t tell Jerry!  Primrose wanted to purchase a tweed overcoat for the dear boy.  This was after steering her away from pink leads and anything encrusted in diamanté.  The coat was rather stylish but I do draw the line at dressing up dogs.  The poor hound must be allowed to walk the country paths with some dignity!

Taking the training seriously!

Taking the training seriously!

I have also been frantically reading up on training and am armed with heaps of newspaper for the inevitable piddle puddles.  Jerry and I have debated what we will say when we take him out for a pee.  The puppy book says “Busy”….  I really can’t imagine saying that so I thought “Whizzy whizz”.  Jerry has bluntly refused to say anything “that ridiculous” and thinks that “Go and have a wee” should suffice.  At time of going to press, I can inform you, dear Reader, that no compromise had been reached.

I was going to wait until the 20th to introduce him to you but honestly, I am awful at keeping things to myself and I am just bursting with excitement.  So here he is.  Introducing Montague, the new man in our lives.  Monty for short.


Monty, the sweetest handsomest fellow.

 No doubt there will be many adventures in the countryside with this little man, dear Reader.

The perfect spring cover for Shooting Times. Surely!

The perfect spring cover for Shooting Times. Surely!

34 thoughts on “New man in my life

  1. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Oh Margot, he’s beautiful 🙂 Absolutely beautiful :). Looks like I shall be joining you with a move to the Country myself soon. We have an offer on a house in Somerset and are waiting to hear :). I’m loving those doggy accessories too. Thank you for sharing this for some PoCoLo and for all your support xx

  2. Charly Dove

    Monty is just adorable! I bet you can’t wait to have him with you and be in the countryside. We moved to the country in 2010 after twenty years in London 🙂

  3. seasidehillsfamily

    What a cute dog. I’m not a dog fan, more because they scare me, but my partner and daughter really want one. I have to say pictures of the new man in your life are starting to make me cave a little though xx #PoCoLo

  4. The Fool

    He is handsome, we use ‘do your business’ seemed a good compromise.
    I can recommend Pets at home for anything else you may need and the Wainwrights food they sell is excellent. We started out with a big brand but soon realised the crap in it (including lots of salt), whereas Wainwrights is all pure food and no additives, made a huge difference to Bracken’s coat and behaviour.


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